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Ministry to Ministers conducts quarterly, uplifting programs for Pastors and their spouses. Click here for information about our next meeting.

We understand you and your unique situation. We know your motivation, your desire to serve God effectively. We believe that Satan often aims his deadliest arrows at men lilke you who are the most effective ministers - stealing the joy from your calling and causing you to become less effective as a servant of God.

Read the inspiring testimony of a Pastor who failed, lost hope, and then was restored in Christ

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The Vicious Cycle

Too many pastors are expected to carry out a variety of duties for which they are not always prepared to handle - everything from sermon preparation to administration, or personal counseling. The inevitable mistakes and weaknesses caused by these expectations can lead to insecurity, making a pastor feel like a failure. Frustration begins to mount, causing more mistakes and, finally, "burnout". It is a self-perpetuating cycle!

When a pastor is caught in this cycle, it is almost impossible for him to objectively see the situation. It takes an understanding friend to help him view his "weaknesses" as legitimate, God-created limitations - not shortcomings or failures.

Giving Until it Hurts

The natural tendency of most pastors is to give liberally of their time and energy. Too many good men are unable to set limits for themselves and eventually end up with nothing more to give. The well runs dry.

Unfortunately, very few pastors have "mentors" in their circle of friends. Added to the fact that most congregations do not recognize or understand this situation, there is rarely someone available to "minister to the minster".

The Need to Ventilate

Many pastors have difficulty handling their own inner feelings. They know only too well that they are less than perfect, but due to the nature of their "job" are under great pressure to put on a good front. Denying the feelings of inadequacy - or even fear - causes internal pressure to increase, often leading to more serious problems.

Many pastors simply need to express their inner feelings to someone they can trust. They need to "ventilate" - to open up without fear of being censured.

Who's Calling
the shots?

Some church councils and congregations believe that a pastor is an employee of the church. They view him as a person whose job is to effectively run the congregation. He is to please most of the people most of the time and, if conflicts arise, defer to the will of the majority.

Too many pastors are losing the ability to control their own ministry. They are forced to passively accept the mandates of others, despite their personal feelings or abilities. Many times a pastor is not able to walk away from a bad situation, and his only recourse is compromise and anxiety. (As we all know, it is not unheard of for a pastor to be released from a congregation without a means of supporting himself and his family).

The abilty to function well as a minister often depends on self-assertion and leadership. There are many ways a person can rebuild a broken image of himself. Sometimes a third person can come into the situation and offer insights that will help solve some of the problems of authority and accountability.





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