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People used to think that suffering was some kind of punishment from God. Job, in the Old Testament, was unusual because he rejected the popular notion that suffering was sent as a punishment for sin - the worse the suffering, the worse the sin. Jesus destroyed this argument once and for all. As a sinless, blameless human being, He suffered more than anyone before or since. Because of His example, we understand that suffering can be part of a godly person's life.

Christians are not perfect. Christians can get sick just like anyone else. Christians have emotional and spiritual problems just like everyone else. Chemical imbalances strike the brains of Christians just like they strike others. Even the heroes of the Bible occasionally fell prey to anxiety, depression or grave spiritual problems.

If you are a Christian suffering from intense spiritual or emotional problems, you have all the hope in the world! With God's help, Christians are treatable with excellent results in almost every case. The goal of is to assist you in finding a qualified Christian Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Therapist or Counselor near your home.


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